Tuesday, September 28, 2010

okay my faithful group of followers, im back. ok so we broke up for good. And it was ugly i had lost interest in writing my blog not knowing really why but deep down it was because he took no interest in it. at all. We had a rock y rocky relationship and i tried to make it work. i tried to act like i didnt see what was going on. having his cake and eating it too. I guess iwas supposed to act. like he was.

Not bashing him at all but he did a job on me! he told anyone who would listen that i didnt trust him and it was my fault we broke up and justother stupid things i have no time for. postingon fb about your relationships past and present. yes present. can you believe that? wow,

i had it and i never thought i would say that i guess its true all the things you accept become the things you regret eventually.
i can honestly say i regret my part in it. not all of it because it was wonderful to love someone if only for that moment.

but my dealings with all the things associated with his life and mine. i cant say to myself that it wouldve worked im saying that it didnt work.
i let god have way on this one i was fighting with the devil and i kept losing. if he isnt supposed to be therethen so be it. i need to be here though. for me.

maybe ill take some type and get to know me a lil better what am i good at? what should i do with my life? things i contemplate everyday. deciding that im not gonna lose. he will. he did.

i have obstacles in my way but nothing i cant get over. i dont wish any bad feelings toward him...hurt feelings yes. still crying yes.still strong? absolutely.
im afighter, im a survivor and i wear my strength everyday.
i know theres more for me that was just a speedbump in my road to happiness.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


okay so ive been with my baby for 15 months now and i guess we're going strong
except for the little spats which broke us up a few times.i thought about being single and what impact that woiuld have on my life(without him)
and i dont think alot would change but in retrospect it has changed.
not to say it hasnt changed for the better but not the worst either.
i believe we have a lot of growing to do as indiviuals and with that comes great responsibility and strengtth on both parts. i do love him but maybe just maybe theres more out there that im not exploring or just hasnt come my way yet.
hes sweet and kind (lil stubborn) but all in all a good guy. its not that i want someone else, just a little more in terms of communication. is this why some women cheat? lack of communication? understanding her feelings, or just attention?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ok ok this is what i look like going out as you can see i wear clothes like this not too sexy not too conservative...but what about the women who tend to let it all hang out?
bootie out,boobs out and theyre the ones that get all the drinks!!!! lol
my bff dresses like shes on a jay-z video i love her to death but sometimes, i feel like she gets all the attention....dont men like women who are classy not trashy??